‘Gazans who invaded Israel should die’ – Gantz backs civilians accused of ‘illegally’ killing of Oct 7th terrorist

Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz defends three Israeli men accused of killing Hamas terrorist during October 7th invasion, says every Gazan who invaded Israel ‘deserves to die.’

By World Israel News Staff

A senior member of the Israeli Opposition and a former government minister defended three Israelis arrested on suspicion of killing a Hamas terrorist during the invasion of October 7th.

MK Benny Gantz, chairman of the National Unity party and former Defense Minister, tweeted Sunday morning in support of three Israeli men arrested for allegedly taken weapons from slain IDF soldiers to fight against terrorists on and immediately after October 7th.

The three are also suspected of killing a terrorist affiliated with the Nukhba Force, an elite Hamas terror unit.

In his tweet Sunday morning, Gantz declared that every Gazan who joined in the invasion of Israel on October 7th “deserves to die,” and defended those involved in repelling the invasion, including the three suspects.

“October 7th was the day of the greatest disaster in the country’s history,” Gantz wrote. “On this day, many heroes rose up – soldiers, members of local security teams, police officers and civilians – fought bravely, and many of them fell in battle.”

“The evidence regarding the civilians arrested on suspicion of unlawfully killing terrorists is not in my hands, and I trust law enforcement officials.”

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“That being said, it is important to say on a principled level – every Gazan who dared to cross the border that day deserves to die. All of them are a clear and immediate danger.”

“We must remember, there were many weapons in the area, and some of the terrorists also functioned as drivers who kidnapped civilians.”

“Therefore – in this situation, of chaos, surprise and guerrilla warfare for many hours, we must give a broad back and full support to those who are fighting – soldier, police officer or civilian.”

“This is our duty towards those who saved human lives and protected our country, and I believe that the law enforcement system will also act in this spirit.”

The suspects include a 22-year-old resident of the Israeli town of Elkana in Samaria, who was recently released to house arrest.

One of the other suspects, identified as a 35-year-old Tel Aviv resident, is accused of involvement in a separate case in which he impersonated an IDF officer, a police officer, and a Shin Bet agent in order to steal guns and ammunition from the IDF, apparently with plans to sell the weapons.