US organization’s attempt to help small group of Gazans leave is a trap

This is the kind of plan Israel’s enemies want.

By Aharon Unger

GazaPassage, an organization started by American lawyers trying to help Gazans either leave Gaza or go back up to the north of Gaza, announced todat that Israel’s Security Cabinet is reviewing their demand for security resources.

“On May 15 both the Ministry of National Security and the ICT Authority confirmed receipt. Reports from within Israel note at least one other minister has seen the letter.

Separately, GazaPassage has learned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reviewed the letter.”

The signatories include international war correspondent Coach Weinhaus and Palestinian American Abir ElZowidi.

ElZowidi is a major Palestinian activist.

Other Palestinian American groups have signed the letter, including the USA Palestine Mental Health Network and American Friends of Oasis of Peace.

As the announcement, states, the right in Israel opposes the plan:

“Critics in Israel have attacked GazaPassage and its American legal team for intentionally diverting security resources from the war effort and distracting the world from the hostages in Gaza.”

It is a trap. This is the kind of plan Israel’s enemies want. GazaPassage is actively working to get Gazans to return to the north as it says in its own announcement in December.

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Israel’s Security Cabinet should focus on the war and not add even more turmoil to the ‘day after’ debate that is threatening to bring down the government.