Anti-Israel group calls to ‘Globalize the Intifada’ in New York

Pro-Palestinian group posts map of locations in New York City they accuse of being ‘tied’ to war in Gaza.

By World Israel News Staff

A far-left anti-Israel organization called this week to expand the war on Israel, releasing a map of targets in New York City it claimed were “tied” to what it called the “genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

The map was released to social media by Within Our Lifetime, an organization which has in the past lobbied for the destruction of the State of Israel.

The group called to “globalize the Intifada,” issuing the call with a map of targets in New York City which included the locations of major media outlet offices, including the headquarters of Fox Corp. – the parent company of Fox News – along with NBC News Studios and the offices of The New York Times, Defense Logistics Agency, and Meta.

“Each of the sites on this map is tied to the ongoing genocide in Gaza and the settler-colonization of Palestine,” the map reads in part.

“They reflect a network of dispossession, policing, prisons, surveillance, counterinsurgency, war, destruction, imperialism and militarization across the globe, with the mass media complex which manufactures consent for genocide acting as tools of the oppressor.”

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“These sites are also multi-purpose assets for some of the system’s most powerful perpetrators of violence.”

“May this map serve as a call for every struggle to act in their own interest. As we do so, we uplift one another’s struggles and free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

The map, which was later removed from social media, drew criticism from Congressman Ritchie Torres (D-NY), who tweeted a copy of the map, writing: “Coded calls for violence against Jews are proliferating on social media.”