GoDaddy takes down ‘Miss Hitler’ contest

“A glorious victory of good over evil,” said ADC Chairman Dvir Abramovich.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

With pressure mounting on to shut down a website that promoted a “Miss Hitler” beauty pageant, the Web-hosting company announced on Thursday it has suspended the domain’s license.

“We have suspended the account and informed the account owner to move the domains in question to another registrar, as they have violated our terms of service,” GoDaddy told The New York Post.

“A glorious victory of good over evil,” Australian Anti-Defamation Commission Chairman Dvir Abramovich told the Post.

“We thank the company for listening to our concerns and for declaring that anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers will never find a safe haven within the GoDaddy home. Allowing this site to remain would have crossed many red lines and would have sent the message that it is open season on the Jewish community,” Abramovich said.

On Sunday, the ADC uncovered a promotion for “Miss Hitler 2020,” which called it the “most important contest in the world” on the World Truth Historical Revisionism website.

Only “women that respect Hitler” are eligible to register and must send a photo together with a few words explaining why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler.” The winner will be decided by an online vote, the site says.

The promotion shows past contestants pictured at neo-Nazi rallies or posing with Nazi memorabilia.