Trump envoy Greenblatt: ‘We won’t compromise on Israel’s security’

The U.S. administration won’t put Israel’s security at risk, Trump’s envoy said. 

By David Isaac, World Israel News 

“One thing we won’t do, the Trump administration won’t compromise on Israel’s security,” Jason Greenblatt, the the U.S. envoy for international negotiations told Fox News on Saturday, when speaking of the “Deal of the Century,” the administration’s proposed peace deal that is expected to be unveiled in June.

Mr. Greenblatt revealed during the interview that the peace deal won’t be unveiled until after the Muslim religious holiday of Ramadan and the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, or Feast of Weeks, which falls on June 9.

He said that he hoped the Palestinian leadership, which said they would reject the deal out of hand, would rethink their decision and “help us cross the finish line.”

“It’s terribly frustrating for ordinary Palestinians. I meet with them frequently, and this is the message they tell me. They understand they may not like aspects of the plan but are upset that their leaders are saying they won’t even take a look at it. I feel terrible for the Palestinian people,” Mr. Greenblatt told Fox News.

“But of course it is their choice to continue on the road of rejection at the expense of everyday Palestinians,” he said. “If they fail to engage constructively and professionally to see if a deal can be reached then shame on them.”

On Saturday, Mr. Greenblatt appeared as a surprise speaker to voice his protest at a U.N. meeting condemning Israel.

“It’s outrageous to hold a meeting like this without addressing the attacks on Israel. This from a body who would not condemn Hamas several months ago,” he said to Fox News.

Speaking before the informal Security Council meeting, he said “Hamas’s stated goal is the destruction of Israel, plain and simple. And let’s not forget it’s partner in violence, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These terrorist groups intentionally fire missiles and mortars from densely populated civilian neighborhoods in Gaza to target Israelis and Israeli communities.”

“Yet here at the U.N. in December, the majority of members chose to defend Hamas rather than condemn them. It is truly shameful that in these halls there have been nearly 700 resolutions condemning actions of Israel, the region’s only real democracy, yet not one condemning Hamas’s attacks on Israelis, or its abuse and neglect of the very people it purports to govern,” he said.