Haifa bus driver likely saved a passenger’s life

A bus driver in northern Israel became an overnight hero by responding to an emergency medical situation and taking matters into his own hands.

A bus driver for Egged, Israel’s largest transportation operative, recognizing a medical emergency, deviated from his route and rushed a woman who had collapsed to the local hospital in Haifa, taking the rest of the passengers along for the ride, Ynet reported on Thursday.

The driver understood that waiting the extra minutes for an ambulance to arrive could have made a life-and-death difference. The 43-year-old woman was reportedly experiencing chest pains.

Upon arrival, the driver ran into the emergency room of the world-class Rambam Health Care Campus, saying he had an emergency situation. Staff immediately whisked her inside for urgent care.

Rambam spokesperson David Rattner said she regained consciousness and that medical staff were continuing to treat her.

By: World Israel News Staff
(With files from Ynet)