Hamas aimed to attack Tel Aviv, nuclear reactor on Oct. 7th – report

Hamas terror squads planned to rampage through Tel Aviv and murder civilians at a number of crowded, high-profile locations chosen in advance.

By World Israel News Staff

The Hamas terror group’s mass invasion of southern Israel on October 7th was intended to be even larger, including an attack on Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona and for its operatives to reach Tel Aviv, according to a new report.

While the atrocities committed by Hamas were unprecedented, the terror group’s mastermind, Yahya Sinwar, had originally planned an attack on a wider scale, according to journalist Ilan Kafir of Channel 12 News.

Sinwar had planned for terror squads to travel to Tel Aviv, where they would murder civilians in a number of crowded, high-profile locations selected in advance, Kafir said.

Operatives were also meant to infiltrate the southern city of Dimona, where Israel’s nuclear reactor is located, though it’s unclear if they had the knowledge or technical ability to harm or disable it.

Terror cells also intended to reach Shikma Prison near Ashdod and free hundreds of jailed terrorists affiliated with Hamas.

However, that plan was thwarted by an apparent technical error from the group’s GPS devices, as well as the squad’s navigator becoming disoriented.

The terror squad bound for Shikma Prison deviated from its intended route and retreated southward, to the Nativ HaAsara moshav. There, the cell murdered at least 20 residents of the community.

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Sinwar believed that if the terrorists from the Strip reached Tel Aviv and Dimona, other Iranian regional proxies would join the attack against Israel.

However, despite a sluggish response from the IDF, local security forces had blocked off northbound roads near a major intersection in southern Israel.

This barrier prevented additional terror squads, who left Gaza hours after the original invasion wave, from reaching the rest of the country.

Kafir said that sensitive intelligence documents and data gathered from Hamas’ headquarters and various bases throughout the Gaza Strip during the ongoing fighting had provided Israeli authorities with more clarity regarding the scale of the original October 7th plan.