Hamas bombs humanitarian aid destined for own people

Terrorists repeatedly attack the Gaza border crossing as Israeli workers try to maintain the supply of essential humanitarian supplies.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

Hamas terrorists repeatedly opened fire Tuesday at the Israel-Gaza border crossing, bombarding the passage where humanitarian aid continues to flow into the Gaza Strip despite more than a week of terrorist rocket fire on Israeli population centers.

“This afternoon, Hamas terrorists fired mortar bombs towards the Kerem Shalom Crossing, targeting the humanitarian civil aid coordinated by Israel, preventing COVID-19 vaccines, food & supplies from reaching Palestinians in Gaza,” tweeted the Israel Foreign Ministry.

Despite at least a dozen separate attacks on the area in the past days, Israeli authorities announced that the Kerem Shalom crossing reopened Tuesday morning to allow the transport of fuel and essential goods into Gaza as well as letting foreign officials move across the border in pursuit of a possible ceasefire, Walla News reported.

In response to requests from international aid agencies, a convoy of 20 large trucks carrying medical supplies, field hospitals, coronavirus vaccines and food products entered the crossing despite the repeated attacks.

The Hamas terror group posted a video on its website showing numerous terrorists shouting “Allahu akbar” [God is great] as they fired dozens of mortar rounds at Israel. One of the attacks killed two people at a fruit packing plant several kilometers from Kerem Shalom and left two others in critical condition.

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The IDF said one soldier was lightly wounded by shrapnel in one of the mortar attacks on the crossing and was evacuated to hospital for treatment.

The crossing was scheduled to remain open between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., following a pledge by the commander of the IDF division in charge of the crossing to get needed supplies into Gaza where normally tens of thousands of tons of material enters Gaza every week.

“Want to understand the sheer depravity of Hamas?” tweeted international rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky. “Right now, they are repeatedly bombing Kerem Shalom, which is main commercial crossing from Israel into Gaza. Even as Israel trying to bring in critical humanitarian aid into the Strip, Hamas are bombing it. NOW you get it?”

“Tell me again how they really look out for the people of Gaza? Yeah, they’re definitely doing what’s best for them,” tweeted Shira Silkoff of The Jerusalem Post.