Hamas head who helped plan Oct 7th massacre possibly killed by IDF

Marwan Issa, Muhammed Deif and Yahya Sinwar were the Hamas ‘triumvirate’ who planned the October 7th terror attack.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

One of the men who comprised the Hamas “triumvirate” that planned the October 7th massacre has possibly been killed by the IDF while hiding in Gaza.

The IDF struck a target in a building close to the Nusirat refugee camp in central Gaza after receiving intelligence that Marwan Issa was hiding there with his band of terrorists.

It was reported that 5 people were killed in the strike and the IDF is investigating whether one of them was Marwan Issa.

Neither Israeli nor Palestinian officials have confirmed or denied the report as of yet.

Marwan Issa was the deputy of Hamas’s military wing commander, Muhammed Deif, and the two men together with Yahya Sinwar planned the October 7th massacre, according to CNN.

Issa, born in Gaza, joined Hamas at a young age and spent five years in Israeli prison because of his terror activities.

He was also jailed by the Palestinian Authority but was released at the beginning of the Second Intifada.

Marwan Issa was known to the IDF as an exceedingly dangerous terrorist leader whose specialty was planning invasions of Israeli communities, which is one reason he was involved in the planning of the Hamas invasion of Israel on October 7th, 2023.

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The three terrorist leaders, Deif, Sinwar, and Issa, reportedly planned the October 7th attack without notifying other Hamas leaders until a few hours before the invasion.

The IDF is still on the trail of Yahya Sinwar, and last month were said to have entered a tunnel in Khan Younis which the terror leader had recently vacated.

The IDF released footage of Yahya Sinwar walking through a tunnel in Gaza along with hostages.

There were rumors previous to the footage that Sinwar had escaped to Egypt through the tunnels using Israeli hostages as human shields.