Hamas is ‘obstacle’ to hostage, ceasefire deal: White House

Biden administration official says Hamas needs to explain to the Palestinian people why it’s refusing to accept a ceasefire agreement.

By World Israel News Staff

A senior White House official slammed Hamas for rejecting a ceasefire agreement, after the Biden administration repeatedly blasted Israel in recent weeks for its prosecution of the war against the terror group.

“There’s a deal on the table that would achieve much of what Hamas claims it wants to achieve, and they have not taken that deal,” U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a media conference on Monday evening.

The Biden administration’s statement is significant, as it comes after intense public criticism of Israel’s war against the terror group.

Earlier in April, President Joe Biden urged Israel to implement a unilateral, unconditional ceasefire which would see the IDF stop fighting in the coastal enclave, but did not require Hamas to return any of the some 130 hostages it still holds.

During the same interview, Biden blamed Israel for not getting humanitarian aid to residents of the embattled Strip fast enough, ignoring the fact that the packages are often seized by Hamas and other armed groups.

“The bottom line is that [Hamas] have rejected it, and if they did accept it, it would allow for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza of at least six weeks, which would benefit the Palestinian people whom they claim to represent. It would also allow us to continue improvements in the delivery of humanitarian assistance,” Miller added.

“The bottom line is Hamas needs to take that deal, and they need to explain to the world and to the Palestinian people why they aren’t taking it because it is Hamas right now that is the barrier and the obstacle to a ceasefire in Gaza.”