Hamas leader envisions ‘final victory’ with Iran over ‘Zionist enemy’

Hamas leader says pledged Iranian backing “opens before us immense horizons” toward defeating Israel.

By World Israel News Staff 

Ties between Hamas and Iran “are just getting tighter” since a visit to Tehran by a Hamas delegation in July for the purpose of “coordinating positions” amid growing tensions in the Strait of Hormuz, the Gaza Strip, and in the area of Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and Syria, writes the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) in an article published Tuesday in Israel Hayom.

In a letter sent by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, “Haniyeh expresses his appreciation and thanks for Iran’s unquestionable support for the ‘resistance,'” which was expressed during the recent round of talks in Tehran, says JCPA.

In the letter, says the center, the Hamas leader states that “Iran’s red lines match the lines of the Hamas movement.”

Haniyeh adds that Iran has expressed its “willingness to equip” the Palestinian terror organization with “all of its requirements to fulfill its obligation,” according to JCPA.

The Jerusalem center says that its information is based on reports in Persian-language news agencies.

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It says that the contents of the letter are consistent with previous reports on the JCPA website of growing coordination and Iran’s willingness to provide military assistance to Hamas. 

Haniyeh says that the support pledged to Hamas by Iranian leaders, including Khamenei himself, during the visit to Iran in July “opens before us immense horizons. This will have a significant influence on the strategic dimensions and extent of operations against the Zionist enemy… until final victory” is achieved, according to JCPA.