Hamas leader threatens Israel but envisions ‘calm’ without PA reconciliation

Sinwar says that a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip is not dependent on a Fatah-Hamas unity pact.

By: World Israel News Staff

Hamas’ Gaza-based leader, Yahya Sinwar, declared Wednesday that “calm” in the Strip was feasible without reconciliation with the terror group’s Fatah rivals in the Palestinian Authority, while at the same time issuing a number of serious threats to Israel.

Sinwar’s remarks were reported by the Shehab News Agency, which disseminates the terror group’s propaganda, and included claims that Hamas could launch the same number of missiles within five minutes that it launched during the 51 days of 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.

“Hamas does not want a military confrontation with [Israel], but at the same time we do not fear it. [Hamas] has equipped itself well in recent years, and the results that can be achieved in any future confrontation will be impressive,” claimed Sinwar.

Sinwar maintained that Hamas communicated to Israel through “intermediaries” that it was prepared to confront the Jewish state militarily if calm is not preserved, claiming Hamas could threaten Tel Aviv with “rocket sirens” for six months straight, reported Israel’s Walla news.

Notwithstanding the litany of threats Sinwar issued, he also communicated that the terms of a potential ceasefire with Israel are still being formulated, with a lasting calm a feasible outcome regardless of the fate of the stagnated Palestinian “unity” government, which has remained on life support while bitter Palestinian rival factions engage in constant backbiting.

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To that end, Sinwar commented that Egypt would continue to moderate a deal to “restore calm in the Gaza Strip … even if an intra-Palestinian reconciliation is not reached,” reported Ynet.

Sinwar’s remark may have been a reference to recent comments in the Arab media by PA President Mahmoud Abbas that Israel and Hamas would make an agreement “over his dead body.” Abbas also called any agreement that did not include the PA’s consent, “treason” and “illegal.”

In response, US envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt commented that the PA “should be part of the solution for the Palestinians of Gaza and Palestinians as a whole. If not, others will fill that void.”