Hamas mourns Palestinian stabbed to death during clash with settlers

Israeli police investigating after Palestinian man stabbed in chest during 40-person brawl, near Ariel.

By World Israel News Staff

Gaza-based terror group Hamas claimed that a Palestinian man killed during a clash with Israeli settlers on Tuesday was a member of their organization, releasing a commemorative poster on social media declaring him a martyr.

Ali Hassan Harb, 28, was stabbed by an assailant during a massive brawl near Ariel which involved at least 40 people, according to the Rescuers Without Borders organization, a subsidiary of the Magen David Adom emergency medical aid service.

According to Hebrew language media, a group of settlers had set up tents on a hill in between the city of Ariel and the Palestinian enclave Iskaka.

Although details about the confrontation in Israeli and Arabic language media are contradictory, it’s believed that a group of Palestinians approached the settlers and tried to force them to leave the area.

Some reports said that the Palestinians hurled stones at the soldiers, while others said that the settlers were immediately backed up by IDF forces, who fired into the air. The IDF did not confirm that they had used live fire at the scene.

“What are you doing here? This is our land, get out of here and do not dare to return here again,” Palestinians can be heard yelling at the settlers in cellphone footage captured moments before the stabbing.

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Palestinians are heard cursing in Hebrew, “Get out of here, you sons of b—.”

At some point, Harb was stabbed in the chest during the confrontations. The knife was found at the scene, but the Israeli authorities have not arrested the assailant.

“The police have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the case. At this stage, the identity of the stabber is unclear,” Israeli authorities said in a statement.

Hamas released a poster featuring Harb on Wednesday morning, with his face superimposed against the Dome of the Rock.

It’s unclear if Harb was actually affiliated with the terror group, or if Hamas was simply using his death as a PR opportunity.