Hamas planted explosives under military dog’s body to lure soldiers into trap

So far during the Gaza war, 30 military dogs have died helping the IDF.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

IDF troops in Jabaliya narrowly avoided disaster two weeks ago when Hamas terrorists set a trap by killing a military dog and using its body to lure the soldiers into an ambush.

When the IDF  soldiers were operating in the Jabaliyah refugee camp, they were alerted to the presence of terrorists in a building.

They dispatched an Oketz K-9 unit dog into the building in which the terrorists were hiding, but the dog did not return.

They didn’t hear any sounds indicating distress or barking and sensed something suspicious might be afoot.

The soldiers then sent a drone to an alley close to the building, and it detected the dog, but there was no indication whether it was still alive.

When the soldiers went to get the dog, the dog had mysteriously disappeared.

The troops sent the drone again, and it discovered the dog lying down, apparently dead.

The soldiers then realized that Hamas terrorists had killed the dog, and planted explosives under its body since they knew the IDF would come back to get the dog.

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This suspicion was confirmed when they saw wiring from the explosive device coming out of the dog’s body.

The explosives were neutralized, and the dog was buried in the cemetery of Oketz K-9 dogs at the Adam facility near Modi’in.

The Oketz K-9 unit serves a crucial purpose during wartime. Given their keen senses, dogs can often sniff out explosives and alert soldiers to danger.

So far, during the Gaza war, 30 military dogs have died helping the IDF.

Currently, the IDF is purchasing and training more dogs, especially with the threat of a possible war with Hezbollah in the north.

“We are already preparing to use dogs in the north after the extensive experience gained with the dogs in Gaza,” says a senior officer from the Marom Brigade.

“The unit has become a world-class pioneer with its use of dogs during the Gaza war,” he added.

“The dogs can go deep in enemy territory, have the sensitivity to scout out areas, and are adept at special tasks to detect explosives,” the officer concluded.