Hamas was developing guided missiles with Iran’s help

It’s uncertain whether Hamas deployed these guided missiles or if they were just in the process of developing them.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The Nahal Brigade and special forces IDF troops uncovered a weapons manufacturing plant that proves Hamas was making guided cruise missiles under the instruction of Iran, the Times of Israel reports.

Until this discovery, it wasn’t believed that Hamas could manufacture accurate missiles on its own.

The weapons plant was found in the  Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods of Gaza City and it’s uncertain whether Hamas actually deployed these guided missiles or if they were just in the process of developing them.

The IDF confirmed they found “components proving terrorists of the Hamas terror organization learned under Iranian guidance how to operate and build precision components and strategic weapons.”

The IDF was aware that Hamas had access to anti-tank guided missiles and small explosive drones used at short range.

Also, Hamas was able to make autonomous submarines carrying explosives as well as underwater drones.

The terror group has also used anti-aircraft missiles fired on the shoulder, but these don’t have the capability to destroy Israeli aircraft.

However, the discovery that Hamas was able to manufacture long-rage guided missiles was a new one.

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The terror group also possesses shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, which are not effective against Israeli aircraft.

In addition to the recent discovery of long-range missile-making capabilities, the IDF has uncovered hidden storage areas for ammunition and military supplies buried under hospitals, schools, and even children’s bedrooms in civilian areas.

This supports the conclusion that much of the aid the UNWRA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency) was providing for Gazan civilians was being redirected by Hamas to fund the building of terror tunnels and stockpiling weapons.

In one case, A Palestinian man in Gaza told an IDF soldier during a recorded conversation that Hamas is stealing UNWRA humanitarian aid.

He said in a recording, “The situation is terrible because the humanitarian people, those responsible for the humanitarian aid, are thieves.”

“Hamas has their hands on UNRWA administration workers, and it manages UNRWA,” he explained. “From the day they [Hamas] rose to power they took control of everything.