Head of Israel’s Labor Party blasts global Left over support for Hamas

The Labor Leader declared those who do not condemn Hamas’ actions are ‘complicit.’

By World Israel News Staff

In an interview with Politico, Labor Party leader Merav Michaeli slammed the global Left, arguing that something has gone “very wrong” with left-wing movements around the world, particularly in response to the October 7th massacre and the ensuing war with Hamas.

Attending an international meeting of socialist and social democratic parties in Spain, Merav Michaeli gave a sobering assessment of the state of the progressive-left in the context of the Israel-Hamas war.

“I think something very bad is happening on the left. It became very, very clear in this attack that people who consider themselves to be democratic, progressive, are supporting a totalitarian terror regime that oppresses women [and] the LGBTQ+ community.”

Although she acknowledged Israel has some “very strong allies” in the center-left, “the further left you go, the more there’s a big mix-up.”

She expressed bafflement that people conflated supporting the rights of Palestinians with calling for a global jihad and justifying Hamas’ actions. Michaeli added, “When you don’t go very strongly against Hamas and what it does in Gaza, including to its own people, you are complicit.”

The former transport minister added that Hamas does not discriminate among its victims and that even many of the people who were in support of a two-state solution and rights for Palestinians are now “under horrible attack.”

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Michaeli also discussed why calling for a ceasefire, a demand among many on the left worldwide, is not helpful.

“[A] cease-fire now is giving permission to Hamas to continue rearming itself, continue stealing food, water, medicine and fuel from its own people and yes, rebasing itself.”

When asked about civilian casualties in Gaza, which according to Hamas reports is currently 11,000, Michaeli responded that they are the victims of Hamas which uses them as human shields and places terrorist headquarters underneath hospitals.