Hebron stabbing victim says non-Jews just ‘stood by and watched’

“They didn’t call anyone. Nothing,” Greenblatt said.

By World Israel News Staff

The victim of a Saturday stabbing attack near Hebron has expressed shock that numerous non-Jews just stood by watching without doing anything to help.

“We shouted but no one heard. There were many non-Jews who just stood and watched when no one came to help,” Moshe Greenblatt told 103FM on Sunday regarding the attack.

“I had half a knife in my back and was shouting ‘soldier! soldier!’ Only one guy, named Meir Lapid, fought with the terrorist. There were some men and women who just stood, watched, and didn’t interfere. They didn’t call anyone. Nothing,” he added.

Greenblatt also told the radio station that his girlfriend, who was beaten by the terrorist, did not suffer any lasting physical damage,

“The big miracle is that he tried to pull the knife out of me and it broke,” he said.

Hebron is home to hundreds of Jewish Israelis who have been forced to live in fortified enclaves amid nearly 200,000 Arabs living under Palestinian Authority rule. Jews living in Hebron have been targeted by Palestinian terrorists repeatedly in incidents similar to the attack on Saturday.

Greenblatt blamed the government for the dangerous situation in Hebron.

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“There’s a defense minister who says he’ll take care of it. How can we proceed without any deterrence? In a few more years, he will step down and we will continue our traumas,” he said.