Herzog to Biden: ‘You are a true friend of Israel’

Israeli president meets Joe Biden for talks on Abraham Accords, Iranian nuclear program, the Ukraine war, and the upcoming US and Israeli elections.


Israeli President Isaac Herzog met with his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, on Wednesday at the White House, describing his invitation to Washington as “an expression of true friendship.”

“You are a true friend of Israel, Mr. President. The United States is our closest and strongest historical ally,” Herzog told Biden in remarks to the press ahead of their tête-à-tête.

Herzog noted that the two leaders would discuss the “Iranian challenge” during talks also expected to focus on the Abraham Accords, the war in Ukraine and the political climate in both countries ahead of upcoming elections.

For his part, Biden highlighted the U.S.-mediated maritime border and natural gas deal that Israel and Lebanon are slated to formalize on Thursday.

“Tomorrow, Israel and Lebanon are going to sign an agreement to establish a permanent maritime boundary,” said Biden, adding that he believed it took “guts” for Jerusalem to forge the accord.

In this context, the U.S. president reiterated Washington’s “ironclad” commitment to upholding Israel’s security.