Herzog warns Iran is a ‘ticking time bomb – must be stopped, with or without deal’

The comments were made the same day U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Bennett on Iran as Vienna talks come to critical point.

By World Israel News Staff

President Isaac Herzog warned on Wednesday that Iran is a “ticking time bomb threatening Israel and the entire Middle East,” during Israel Air Force’s 183th flight course graduation ceremony.

“The Iranian nuclear threat must be neutralized once and for all, with or without an agreement. Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capabilities,” he said.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz also spoke, adding that “Israel has never been a warmonger and has always coordinated with its allies and trusted them, chiefly among them the United States, and has always conducted itself with international responsibility and assumed responsibility for the security of its people.”

The comments were made the same day that U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to discuss a common strategy for their security interests, especially with regard to Iran.

“The delegations discussed the need to confront all aspects of the threat posed by Iran, including its nuclear program, destabilizing activities in the region, and support for terrorist proxy groups,” a White House statement said.

“They agreed that Iran’s rapidly advancing nuclear program poses a grave threat to the region and to international peace and security.”

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The visit comes on the heels of stalled nuclear talks in Vienna. There are increasing calls from Israeli officials for the U.S. to either step up sanctions on the Islamic Republic or permit Israel to take non-diplomatic measures to counter the program.

Iran requested a pause in the negotiations last week. The move has worried Western powers, as it’s believed that the country is on the verge of successfully developing a nuclear weapon.