Hezbollah: ‘Israel can’t handle our missile stockpile’

After Israel reportedly told Lebanon to rein in Hezbollah, the terror group’s leader threatened the Jewish state in an address broadcast in Beirut.

By Associated Press and World Israel News Staff

The head of the Lebanon-based Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah says the Lebanese government should not give in to diplomatic pressure seeking to strip his group of its rocket arsenal.

Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday that neither threats nor sanctions will force his group to give up its capabilities, including a rocket arsenal, financed by Iran, that Israel has consistently warned represents a significant threat.

Nasrallah’s speech was broadcast on a large screen in Beirut’s southern district.

The terror leader claimed his group would respond to any attacks from Israel.

Specifically, Nasrallah said that despite the fact that the Jewish state “possess[es] a large army, advanced air force and nuclear weapons, [Israel] cannot handle the number of missiles possessed by Hezbollah,” reported Times of Israel.

Nasrallah’s comments arrive against the backdrop of Israel’s warnings to the Lebanese government that if it does not take action to rein in the terror group’s rocket production facilities, Israel will be forced to address the threat militarily.

Israel reportedly conveyed the demand to Lebanese officials through a mediator.