Hezbollah launches 50 missiles at northern Israel

Israel has been targeting Hezbollah targets deeper into Lebanon than previously to damage the Iran-backed terror group’s infrastructure. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Hezbollah launched 50 missiles into northern Israel early on Sunday following an IDF strike on a terrorist weapons plant in Lebanon.

The Iron Dome system intercepted most of Hezbollah’s missiles, with others falling into open fields.

The missile barrage was one of the heaviest since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7th, with Hezbollah claiming responsibility for the attack.

Israel has been targeting Hezbollah positions deep in Lebanese territory to damage the Iran-backed terror group’s infrastructure.

Late at night on Saturday, Israel targeted Baalbek for the fourth time since the beginning of the conflict with Lebanon and struck a Hezbollah weapons manufacturing plant 100 kilometers from the Israeli border.

According to Bachir Khodr, governor of Baalbek, three people were killed in the strike which occurred close to the residence of a senior Hezbollah member.

Around the same time as the strikes in Baalbek, airstrikes attributed to Israel occurred in the Qalamoun Mountains in Syria, north of Damascus resulting in a fire at one of the sites, according to Syrian news sources.

Earlier on Saturday, the IAF struck a building in Kfarkela in southern Lebanon after IDF unit 869 noticed a terrorist running inside.

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IDF fighter jets struck buildings associated with Hezbollah in Naqoura and Ayta ash Shab as well as a terrorist observation post in Al Kayyam.

Hezbollah launched missiles towards Mount Dov, Margaliot, and Shomera in northern Israel on Saturday and Hezbollah drones were detected in Kfar Blum in northern Israel.

The escalation of missiles in the north of Israel is reportedly happening because Iran is encouraging Hezbollah to attack Israel.

According to a report from an Iranian source, Iran is concerned that after Israel’s intended operation in Rafah to destroy the remaining Hamas battalions, it will then attack Lebanon.

An Iranian source told the Arabic Post that Iran urged Hezbollah to step up attacks only after “it had become certain of Israel’s intention” to operate in Rafah, which would be interpreted to mean that Lebanon “will be next.”