Hezbollah MP: ‘Israel readying for war and we’re ready to teach it a lesson’

Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad said Israel is readying for war.

By World Israel News Staff

Hezbollah member and Lebanese parliamentarian Mohammad Raad told Lebanon’s National News Agency on Sunday that Israel is preparing to start a war against Lebanon.

“We must pay attention to the repercussions of the enemy’s plans, and we will be at the level of confronting its schemes,” he said at a ceremony honoring distinguished students, which was organized by Hezbollah.

Raad said that the “resistance” is prepared to teach Israel a lesson it will remember in the wake of any war it starts, the news site reported.

“We will never take it at ease with an enemy that threatens our existence and role. We offer a lot of concessions internally but we never lose sight of our enemy’s strategic movements and we will teach Israel a lesson that threatens its existence if it ever thinks of waging a war against our nations,” he said.

Israel has gone to war twice in Lebanon in order to contend with terrorist organizations attacking Israel from that country.

In December, 2018, Israel launched an operation to destroy terror tunnels it discovered Hezbollah had built into Israeli territory from Lebanon with the intention of launching surprise attacks.

Not only Israel, but Russia, too, has warned Lebanon that it’s responsible for terror tunnels running from its territory.

Although listed as a terror organization in many Western nations, most recently the U.K., where it was banned in its entirety, Hezbollah holds 13 seats in Lebanon’s parliament.

Hezbollah has an influence on the country greater than the number of seats would suggest. Lebanese journalist and politician Naufal Daou said in a recent interview that his nation’s political decision-making process and daily life is controlled by Iran and its local terror proxy, Hezbollah, through the power of their arms.