Hezbollah to ‘pay a very high price’ before conflict ends: IDF Chief

Some 80,000 residents of northern border communities were evacuated from their homes after October 7th; No time frame given for their return.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi HaLevi said that Hezbollah would regret joining the ongoing conflict, after the terror group launched dozens of rockets in two massive salvos targeting northern Israel army bases on Tuesday.

“Hezbollah decided on October 7th, in the evening, that it is joining. For that it must pay a very high price,” HaLevi said during a situational assessment in the northern region.

Notably, the 146th Division’s base in the western Galilee region was struck while HaLevi was visiting the premises on Tuesday.

HaLevi acknowledged the some 80,000 residents evacuated from communities in close proximity to the northern border, pledging that the army was “taking the right steps” to ensure security in the area.

He said that the Israeli army had successfully pushed back the terror group and that Hezbollah was “no longer close” to the border.

“I think that if we do the right thing, [the residents] will return first of all because of the security. To bring the people back here with security and quality of life, the state will know how to make an effort,” he added.

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A time frame for the return of evacuated residents remains elusive. Last week, the government quietly extended stipends to evacuees from the north until July 7th – meaning that they can continue staying for free in subsidized accommodations elsewhere in the country.

HaLevi’s statements come after Hezbollah officials said they would stop firing rockets at Israel if there is a truce between Jerusalem and Hamas.

Israeli military officials have countered that they will continue driving Hezbollah deeper into Lebanese territory, regardless of a pause in the fighting in Gaza.

A potential ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hezbollah was recently rejected by the Lebanese government.