Hezbollah touts Lebanese public opinion polls against joining war

A recent poll from Lebanon shows more than 65% of Lebanese civilians are opposed to Hezbollah’s intervention.

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

Lebanese public opinion polls in recent days show that 60-68 percent of the nation opposes Hezbollah joining the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah allowed the pro-Hezbollah daily Al Akhbar to publish one of the polls to explain in the future why the Iran-backed terror did not intervene.

Among the various polls, one found that 77% of the Lebanese said that political condemnation of Israel was sufficient while 32 supported opening a new front. The surveys found that even Hezbollah’s Shiite constituency prefers condemnation to war.

Palestinian sources told the Tazpit Press Service that Hamas leaders feel betrayed by Iran and Hezbollah.

Journalists regarded as Hezbollah mouthpieces are out of sync with Hamas, to the extent that they denied on Monday that Israel even launched a ground invasion.

As Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza on Monday night, Lebanese journalist Hussein Mortada rushed to get a map of the area and go live on social media to explain, “This is not an Israeli ground invasion and that the IDF tanks were harmed by Hamas.”

An Arab source explained to TPS, “Mortada wants to avoid embarrassment to Hassan Nasrallah, who has said on several occasions that a ground campaign will lead to the joining of Hezbollah.”

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The source added, “If it is indeed now a ground operation by the Israeli tanks, Nasrallah is in a terrible dilemma.”