Holocaust denial newsletters funded by European Parliament: report

A firm managed by hardcore neo-Nazi Thorsten Heise received around €35,000 of European Parliament money in 2018.

By Algemeiner Staff

A small-order mail firm owned by an unrepentant neo-Nazi won thousands of euros worth of business from the European Parliament, according to an investigation by the EUobserver news outlet.

In a report published on Tuesday, the publication revealed that “W+B Medien Nordland Verlag, a small mail-order firm managed by militant neo-Nazi Thorsten Heise, received some €35,000 of European Parliament money in 2018.”

The funds were used for the publication of six newsletters that promoted the denial of the Holocaust.

“Heise’s criminal record includes the attempted murder of a Lebanese refugee, appearing in uniform at a Rudolf Hess Memorial March, distribution of CDs to incite hatred against minorities, and violent assaults,” the EUobserver noted.

“He is known to organize neo-Nazi concerts and launched a record label spouting the same music from his home in Thuringia, a central state in Germany where people recently voted in a fascist for city council chair.”

The money was handed over to Heise by the former European parliamentarian Udo Voigt, at a time when he was representing the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

The newsletters were titled “Nation in Europa” and were primarily written by “glorifiers of the Nazi regime and Holocaust-deniers alongside short op-eds by Voigt,” the EUobserver said.