HORRIFYING DISCOVERY: 40 babies and children butchered in Kfar Aza – many of them decapitated

Following liberation of Israeli towns near the Gaza border, IDF forces discover aftermath of a massacre – including the slaughter of 40 babies and young children, many of whom were decapitated.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Israeli security personnel and search and rescue teams operating in newly-liberated towns near the Gaza frontier made a horrifying discovery Tuesday in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, following a days-long battle to cleanse the community of terrorists.

Journalists were brought into the center of town during the removal of the remains of both the Israeli victims and the Gaza terrorists who slaughtered them, before being shot and killed during the liberation of the area.

According soldiers who took part in the battle and were amongst the first to inspect the grisly scenes in the homes taken over by terrorists on October 7th, roughly 40 babies and young children were brutally torn apart – most of them with their heads cut off.

The children’s families were found shot to death, often in their beds.

In other instances, the residents’ charred remains were found in safe rooms – the shelters designed to provide enhanced protection during rocket attack.

Based on testimonies from witnesses in other towns, the 70 or so terrorists who seized control of Kfar Azza attempted to lure out residents, in some cases speaking to them in Hebrew, pretending to be Israeli police.

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When residents refused, the terrorists attempted to break down the reinforced door. If that failed, they set the house on fire, leaving a number of residents of Kfar Aza to burn to death inside safe rooms in their own homes.

The death toll in Israel from the Gaza invasion nears 1,000, following other larger discoveries of bodies in nearby communities, including 108 Israeli civilians found slaughtered in Be’eri, and roughly 260 found at the scene of the Super Nova music festival outside the town of Re’im.

More than 2,800 Israelis have been injured in the invasion and accompanying rocket and missile attacks, which continue from both Gaza and south Lebanon.