‘Humongous fraud’ – Gaza scammer steals thousands from anti-Israel activist, Holocaust-denier

“Mohammed will tell lies with impunity if it means he can scam money,” says duped anti-Israel activist.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

A prominent anti-Israel advocate and proponent of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement was scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by a Gazan man, the victim recently told his supporters.

Edinburgh-based activist Pete Gregson, a vocal critic of the Jewish state who has said that Israel “exaggerates” the Holocaust and uses the tragedy for political gains, first met Gaza resident Mohammed Almadhoun while raising money for humanitarian aid in the coastal enclave.

According to a Jewish Chronicle report, Almadhoun was introduced to Gregson as a selfless volunteer leading a youth club and afterschool activities for Gazan students, including English lessons.

Gregson helped raise money for the cause and even organized a fundraising charity concert in Glasgow to support Almadhoun’s efforts.

However, Gregson told his supporters in an email obtained by the JC, Almadhoun quickly began asking for money for various medical emergencies, which he portrayed as life-or-death situations.

Questions emerged after Almadhoun asked for money to repair damage to an educational center which he claimed was bombed by the IDF in 2019. The image used in Almadhoun’s fundraiser was actually of a school bombed in Syria in 2012, sparking suspicion.

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Eventually, Gregson concluded that Almadhoun was a “humongous fraud” who tricked him into forking over tens of thousands of dollars for urgent surgeries, which were completely fabricated.

“The medical bills for a non-existent dying son, a wife who wasn’t ill, a brain tumor that wasn’t there and a daughter who wasn’t endlessly ill has convinced me that Mohammed will tell lies with impunity if it means he can scam money,” Gregson wrote in a recent email to his followers.

“Again and again, I lent him money to pay the bills. Indeed, there have been so many awful situations that Mohammed has been in since April, that I often wondered how one man could suffer so much ill-fortune.”

Notably, Almadhoun admitted to his wrongdoing in a phone call with the JC.

“I made a mistake,” he told the outlet. “I feel very, very bad for these things.”

Gregson has filed a complaint with Gaza police.