‘I am working non-stop to free American captives,’ says Biden

President Biden marks 100 days since October 7th invasion, pledges to ‘never stop working’ to secure release of remaining captives in Gaza, including 6 Americans.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

President Joe Biden vowed Sunday he would “never stop working” to free the roughly 130 captives still held in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement issued Sunday evening to mark 100 days since the October 7th invasion of southwestern Israel, Biden noted that six American citizens are believed to be among the hostages still held captive.

“Today, we mark a devastating and tragic milestone—100 days of captivity for the more than 100 innocent people, including as many as 6 Americans, who are still held being hostage by Hamas in Gaza.”

“For 100 days, they have existed in fear for their lives, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. For 100 days, their families have lived in agony, praying for the safe return of their loved ones.”

Highlighting the hostage release deal brokered by the U.S. and Qatar at the end of November, which secured the release of 105 captives, Biden said that he has worked “non-stop” since October 7th to secure the hostages’ release.

“For each of those 100 days, the hostages and their families have been at the forefront of my mind as my national security team and I have worked non-stop to try to secure their freedom.”

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“Since Hamas brutally attacked Israel on October 7, my Administration has pursued aggressive diplomacy to bring the hostages home.”

“We saw the first results of that effort late October, when two Americans were reunited with their loved ones. In November, working in close coordination with Qatar, Egypt, and Israel, we brokered a seven day pause in fighting that resulted in the release of 105 hostages—including a 4-year-old American child—and allowed us to surge additional vital humanitarian aid into Gaza.”

Biden cited his meetings with the relatives of American nationals held hostage, and promised that his administration would “never stop” attempts to bring the remaining six American captives out of Gaza.

“I will never forget the grief and the suffering I have heard in my meetings with the families of the American hostages.”

“No one should have to endure even one day of what they have gone through, much less 100. On this terrible day, I again reaffirm my pledge to all the hostages and their families—we are with you. We will never stop working to bring Americans home.”