‘I can’t do this anymore’ – former Trump advisor slams latest stunt

Whoever advised Trump to move forward with the stunt “ought to be fired today,” said former advisor Steve Bannon.

By World Israel News Staff

Former presidential advisor Steve Bannon expressed his frustration with Donald Trump during an episode of his podcast, after the former president announced he was releasing digital trading cards depicting himself as a superhero.

Last Thursday, Trump announced on his Truth Social platform that he was selling the cards, which show him wearing a red costume, replete with a cape and giant “T” on his chest. Some cards show Trumps shooting lasers out of his eyes.

“Collect all of your favorite Trump Digital Trading Cards, very much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting,” Trump wrote.

The campy memento was priced at $99. On Sunday, BBC News reported that the 45,000 limited edition cards had sold out, in just three days.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Bannon said, adding that while he was proud to have worked closely on Trump’s 2016 election campaign, he felt that Trump’s current advisory team is tarnishing his legacy.

Trump was “one of the greatest presidents in history,” Bannon said, and while he does “love the folks” who are working with the former president, the decision to sell NFTs (non-fungible token) with his image was a step too far.

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“We’re at war,” Bannon said, adding that whoever advised Trump to move forward with the stunt “ought to be fired today.”

Bannon’s guests on the podcast, former White House advisers Sebastian Gorka and Steve Cortes, agreed with his assessment.

The release of the digital cards “never should have happened,” Trump’s one-time deputy assistant Gorka said.

“Whoever wrote that pitch should be fired and should never be involved [in the 2024 campaign],” he added. “The president should not be involved with this.”

Bannon reiterated that he, Gorka, and Cortes are “hardcore” supporters of Trump, and that their criticism comes from a constructive place, rather than from a desire to see him fail.