IAF strikes hit Damascus for third time in a week – report

Syria claims Israeli aircraft struck Damascus Wednesday – the third such attack in under a week.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Air Forces strikes targeted sites near Damascus on Wednesday evening for the third time in less than a week, according to a report from Syrian state-owned news agency SANA.

The strikes were said to have occurred around 12:30 AM. The SANA report indicated that Syrian air defenses had been activated by the incoming missiles.

Loud explosions were heard by residents of Damascus and surrounding communities.

No casualties or damages were reported by Syrian authorities after the attack.

On Monday afternoon, Israeli airstrikes were launched on assets within Damascus, in a rare daytime strike.

According to Syrian officials, one Syrian soldier was wounded and some military assets were destroyed in Monday’s strike.

Last Friday, warehouses used by Iran to transfer weapons and other material support to the Hezbollah terror group in Iran were targeted by the IAF.

Hebrew language outlet Maariv reported that materials used to assemble drones were among the equipment destroyed by the Israeli bombing.

Saudi Arabian outlet Al-Arabiya reported that the weapons storehouses were disguised as logistical centers for humanitarian aid.

Although Israel refuses to officially confirm or deny carrying out airstrikes in Syria against Iranian and Hezbollah assets, it’s widely believed that Israel has conducted hundreds of such strikes in recent years.

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In September 2022, an airstrike attributed to Israel on Damascus International Airport reportedly killed five Syrian soldiers.

A previous strike on the airport several months earlier left the travel hub inoperable for some 10 days.

Syria’s airspace is de facto controlled by Russia, as Moscow offers support to embattled Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Russia is believed to have quietly permitted Israel to conduct airstrikes in Syria, but recent comments from Russia’s Foreign Minister have indicated that Moscow may be shifting away from that policy.

Shortly after the alleged Israeli strike on the airport, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova called on Israel to “stop this vicious practice.”