‘I’d kill Jews and eat them for breakfast’: Hitler lookalike, Army reservist charged in Capitol riots

Timothy Hale-Cusanelli allegedly said that “babies born with any deformities or disabilities should be shot in the forehead.”

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

An Army Reservist and former contractor for the U.S. Navy who is currently facing charges for participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots has a long history of anti-Semitic and racist remarks, the Washington Post reported.

New Jersey resident Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, who had high level security clearance for his work in the Navy, reportedly grew a “Hitler-style mustache” and made disturbing statements indicating that he harbored Nazi-like opinions on Jews and people with disabilities.

According to the Washington Post, a Navy colleague of Hale-Cusanelli heard him say that if he were a Nazi, “he would kill all the Jews and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he wouldn’t need to season them because the salt from their tears would make it flavorful enough.”

He also allegedly referred to black people using racial slurs, and said that “babies born with any deformities or disabilities should be shot in the forehead.”

Another colleague said Hale-Cusanelli would approach new coworkers by asking, “You’re not Jewish, are you?” in a manner that he described as “joking but not.”

An additional Navy contractor said that it was clear that he was “crazy,” and people were “afraid” to report his behavior to supervisors for fear of retribution from Hale-Cusanelli.

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Investigators also found photos on Hale-Cusanelli’s cellphone in which he sported a Hitler mustache and styled his hair to resemble that of the German dictator.

Prosecutors, who want Hale-Cusanelli to remain in pretrial custody rather than being freed on bail, presented his remarks during a bond hearing as proof that his participation in the riot was in line with an ideology that poses a risk to public safety.

Jonathan Zucker, Hale-Cusanelli’s attorney, said that the pictures and statements did not prove that his client is an “avowed white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer.” He said there was zero proof that he is a member of “any white supremacist organizations.”

Army Reserve Strategic Communications told the Post, “The Army does not tolerate racism, extremism or hatred in our ranks and is committed to working closely with the FBI as they identify people who participated in the violent attack on the Capitol to determine if the individuals have any connection to the Army.”