IDF ambulance attacked by fringe extremists in Samaria

IDF medics responding to a call in a community in Samaria were attacked by stone throwers on their way out.

IDF medics were called to Yitzhar, a community in Samaria, to treat a dehydrated resident. After tending to the patient, their ambulance was attacked by stone throwers who broke the windshield.

This was the second attack on the IDF in Yitzhar. The previous day, extremists spread metal spikes across the road at the community’s entrance to prevent IDF vehicles from entering.

Representatives of Yitzhar were quick to distance themselves from the attack. A spokesman for the community called the incident “terrible,” stating that the residents were “totally opposed to it.” One resident told Haaretz that they did not know who was responsible and suggested it may have been visitors to the community. He went on to condemn the incident, saying, “This is a serious and outrageous incident. We vehemently reject it.”

In a statement condemning the incident, the IDF stated, “For the IDF, this event crosses a red line. We emphasize that harm of any kind to the security forces preventing them from fulfilling their duties and protecting the residents of the area is grave. The IDF will continue to act to enforce law and order in Judea and Samaria.”

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According to Ynet, relations between the IDF and certain elements associated with Yitzhar have been tense in recent weeks, since the IDF had issued an order forbidding a number of “extreme right-wing activists” from entering Judea and Samaria. These individuals are thought be related to a group known as Hilltop Youth, with whom the IDF has had a number of violent confrontations.

By: Gary Cohen, World Israel News