IDF catches Palestinian who breached Gaza border, set greenhouse blaze

Israeli forces caught a Palestinian suspected of a serious arson attack, which the IDF previously thought was accidentally caused by one of its own soldiers’ flares.


Israel has accused a Palestinian man who breached the border fence separating Israel and Gaza on Friday of setting a nearby greenhouse ablaze.

The suspect was captured by Israeli security forces after he crossed the border into one of the neighborhoods in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

He was transferred to interrogation, according to the Israeli army.

Previously, the Israel Defense Forces thought its own soldiers had caused the blaze after shooting a flare during the apprehension.

The new development comes as Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar announced at a riot near the border on Friday that the terrorist group has not come to any agreement with Israel.

Since the end of March, Hamas has staged violent riots during which Palestinians attack soldiers with firearms, grenades, and Molotov cocktails, in addition to breaching the security barrier and launching airborne incendiary devices, causing millions of dollars in damage with fires that have set ablaze thousands of acres of Israeli land.

During the violent riots, Hamas operatives mix in with Palestinian civilians, whom they use as human shields. Hamas has a longstanding history of pressing minors into service as human shields.