IDF captures weapons smuggler from Jordan riding a bike

Combined Israeli security forces successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle guns from Jordan to Israel.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

The IDF reported that its forces identified a smuggling attempt in the northern Jordan Valley last week and directed police and IDF forces toward the point of entry to intercept the operation.

They captured a smuggler who was stopped near the village of Shadmot Mehola while riding an electric bicycle with five handguns and boxes of ammunition in his possession.

The suspect and findings were transferred to the Israel Police for further investigation.

The suspect was identified as a 38-year-old resident of the village of Tubas in the Palestinian Authority.

Similar incidents have occurred in the area in recent months, during which IDF troops and police forces arrested suspects in smuggling attempts and seized weapons of various types and calibers.

The IDF stated that it has recently detected an increase in the number of smuggling attempts in this area.

Israel’s border with Jordan, its longest, is usually peaceful. Despite being fenced in most areas, smugglers often take advantage of its peaceful nature and attempt to use it as a route to sneak in drugs and weapons from Jordan to Israel.