IDF chief urges Druze soldiers to stop protests, reaffirms committment to minority rights

“As an inclusive people’s army whose goal is to defend Israeli citizens and win wars, we are committed to safeguarding human dignity, irrespective of race, religion or gender,” Eisenkot told Druze soldiers.

By: World Israel News Staff

IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot on Tuesday urged soldiers to stop protesting the nation-state law, arguing that politics should remain outside the ranks of the IDF.

Eisenkot called on minorities in the IDF to “leave the controversial political issues outside the confines of the army,” a military spokesman said Tuesday.

Eisenkot said the the IDF is an army that includes a diverse population from different backgrounds and the IDF has an obligation to safeguard the human dignity of all, regardless of race, religion or gender.

It has always been that way, Eisenkot reportedly said and the IDF will continue to be run this way.

Eisenkot’s statements were made after a number of Druze soldiers strongly protested the nation-state law.

A number of Druze IDF career officers have declared their intention to resign from the IDF in protest against the nation-state law.