IDF clashes with Palestinian gunmen in Jenin, 6 ‘neutralized’

The IDF said no Israeli forces were injured in the clash, although an armored vehicle was damaged.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Six Palestinians were wounded in Jenin overnight Monday, as gunmen fired upon undercover Border Patrol troops carrying out arrests in the city.

A statement from the Border Police said the counterterrorism unit had come under “massive fire” and “neutralized” a number of terrorists who shot at the troops.

From the language in the statement, it was not clear if any of the men were killed.

The troops had entered Jenin to execute an arrest warrant. They were then attacked by Palestinians hurling Molotov cocktails, improvised explosive devices, and rocks.

A statement from the Palestinian Authority-controlled WAFA News Agency said that six Palestinians were struck by IDF fire and that one was hospitalized in critical condition.

The IDF said no Israeli forces were injured in the clash, although an armored vehicle was damaged.

In July, an undercover IDF unit engaged in a massive firefight with locals when trying to transport the terror suspects out of the city.

Residents of Jenin opened fire and hurled explosive devices at the troops, Hebrew language media reported.

The IDF returned fire, wounding six Palestinians. Troops seized an M-16 machine gun from one of the men who was shot.

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In June, two Palestinian Military Intelligence officers were killed by undercover IDF troops during an operation to arrest two terror suspects in Jenin.

The IDF had not notified local authorities that they would be operating in the area, so the PMM believed that the undercover unit were terrorists.

One of the wanted terrorists was killed in the firefight, and the IDF arrested the other man who was the target of the raid.

On Monday, an Arab Israeli was shot by IDF troops as he and another man reportedly tried to cut the security fence separating the northern Israel city of Umm al-Fahm from Samaria.

The man’s family told Ynet that he had been a victim of random violence from the IDF.

“The IDF is lying, there is no fence to cut,” the family said. “Anyone can move freely there. [He] had no bad intentions, they just shot him for no reason.”