IDF closing in on Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar

IDF confirms Sinwar was hiding just days ago in tunnel now under IDF control.

By World Israel News Staff

The Israel military is closing in on Hamas chief and October 7th mastermind Yahya Sinwar and has taken control of a tunnel where the Hamas leader was hiding until recently, Israel’s Channel 13 reported Tuesday.

Sinwar, originally operating out of Hamas headquarters in northern Gaza, is believed to have relocated to Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip early in the war, taking advantage of the humanitarian corridor opened by the IDF to facilitate the safe transit of Gazan civilians from Gaza City.

Since then, the Hamas chief has reportedly gone into hiding in the terror group’s vast tunnel network underneath Khan Yunis.

The IDF, which is continuing to operate in and around Khan Yunis, recently uncovered video footage from a Hamas security camera, showing that Sinwar was present just days ago in a tunnel now under Israeli control.

In the video, Sinwar can be seen with his wife and children, Ma’ariv reported. The report also noted that the terror chief appears to be in good health and is uninjured.

The footage marks the first time Israel has obtained video documentation proving Sinwar’s location since October 7th.

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In December, the Israeli military published a video of Sinwar’s brother driving through a Gaza tunnel.

Since the recording of the new video, Sinwar is believed to have been cut off from communication with the Hamas terror organization, as he continues his efforts to evade Israeli forces. Citing senior Israeli security officials, Channel 12 reported that Sinwar has been “out of contact” with Hamas for over two weeks, and has not been in contact with representatives from Egypt or Qatar brokering a possible hostage release deal.

Sinwar fled the tunnel where the video was filmed just moments after it was recorded.