IDF destroys monument in memory of terror victim

“The destruction is another reward for the murderers. Who in the government will wake up and put an end to the persecution?” 

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

The IDF’s Civil Administration demolished a monument in memory of Yehuda Dimentman last week. It was inaugurated just the day before at the site of his murder near the community of Homesh in Samaria.

Terrorists shot and killed Yehuda Dimentman, a 25-year-old father, and injured two others at the junction leading to the entrance to Homesh in December.

The Civil Administration claimed that the structure was erected illegally and without permits. It further alleged that the monument, which was erected right near the junction at which Dimentman was murdered, was built on privately owned Arab land.

The monument was inaugurated on Wednesday in a ceremony with the participation of Homesh Yeshiva rabbis and members of the Dimentman family.

In response to the destruction, Yehuda’s widow Attia said that “about six months ago, the wicked Arabs cut off Yehuda’s life. Demolition of terrorist houses will not help after such a submissive action. If the Jews themselves say that Homesh is not theirs and that even a monument to a murdered person is illegitimate in their eyes, then Muhammad today receives strength and motivation to take a knife and travel to Tel Aviv.”

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The monument, to which a memorial plaque was affixed, was prepared by Yeshivat Homesh. It was designed in the shape of a Star of David and adorned with Israeli flags.

The Yeshiva in Homesh stated Thursday that “the Israeli government continues to disrespect the memory of Yehuda. Since the murder, the government has been persecuting Homesh obsessively. The destruction tonight is another reward for the murderers. Who in the government will wake up and put an end to persecution?”

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Council, strongly condemned the destruction of the monument and said it “joins the government’s obsessive persecution against the pioneers of Homesh.”

“Never in the history of Israel, after a murder, did the government destroy and actually harm the family of the victim. It is impossible to agree to this. A government that persecutes Homesh has no right to exist. This is a crossing of lines we have not seen before. The people of Israel renounce this unworthy act. Homesh will be rebuilt,” he declared.