IDF destroys October 7th mastermind’s home

Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar’s home in the southern Gaza Strip destroyed by IDF forces.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli forces operating in the southern Gaza Strip have demolished one of the homes of Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar, commander of the terror group’s operations in the Gaza Strip and the mastermind of the October 7th invasion of southern Israel.

On Thursday, the IDF revealed that it had destroyed a house in the southern city of Khan Yunis that is believed to be the vacation home of the senior Hamas leader.

The IDF surrounded the home a week ago, as part of Israel’s push into Hamas’ strongholds in the southern Gaza Strip.

“This crater is what is left of the house,” IDF 98th Division Commander Brig.-Gen. Dan Goldfus told The Jerusalem Post during a tour of the area.

Israel’s military has fought in Khan Yunis for two weeks, with ground forces methodically moving through what one officer dubbed “the heart of terror” in the southern Gaza Strip, clearing out terror tunnels, destroying rocket launchers, and regularly engaging in firefights with terror cells.

Following its demolition, a group of soldiers posed for a photo in front of Sinwar’s vacation home.

According to Goldfus, the IDF has demolished half of the 150 tunnel shafts located in Khan Yunis thus far.

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Israel’s air force has carried out 1,300 sorties against terror targets in the city.

A number of senior Hamas terrorists have been killed during the IDF’s operation in Khan Yunis, including the chief of Hamas’ elite Nukhba Forces unit, which spearheaded the October 7th attacks on Israel.