IDF eliminates terrorist committing stabbing attack in Gush Etzion

Security footage of the incident shows the terrorist approaching the soldiers who were securing a bus stop at the junction.

By World Israel News Staff and TPS

An Arab terrorist was shot dead Sunday morning as he attempted to stab IDF forces securing the Gush Etzion Junction.

Security footage of the incident shows the terrorist approaching the soldiers who were securing a bus stop at the junction.The soldiers noticed the terrorist and shot him dead. No Israelis were harmed in the incident.

Corporal I, a combat soldier from the Nachshon Battalion who neutralized the assailant, said, “I was standing at the southern bus station of the Gush Etzion Junction in order to protect the civilians who were at the scene. I spotted a suspect who was walking on the street, coming towards me and towards the bus station where civilians were present.

“I started to operate in order to stop the suspect. He started running towards me and I noticed him pulling out a knife. I immediately responded with fire and neutralized him. I have been here for about a month with my battalion on operational duty. We always stay alert in order to prevent situations of this kind. We will continue to protect the residents of Gush Etzion,” he said.

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Several attacks have occurred at the Gush Etzion Junction in recent weeks.

The area has been the scene of multiple terrorist attacks, several of them lethal.

Last Tuesday, IDF troops thwarted an attempted stabbing attack at Gitai Avisar Junction, near Ariel in Samaria, which is southwest of the Arab-populated town of Nablus, or Shechem.

IDF troops at a military post spotted the assailant, who attempted to stab two IDF soldiers guarding the junction.

One of the soldiers blocked the assailant’s multiple stabbing attacks, and the commander of the troops who was at the scene fired towards the assailant and neutralized him. No IDF injuries were reported.

Israel’s N12 website reports that the incident began when a male and female soldier crossed the intersection of Giti Avisar to inspect a suspicious vehicle. When the terrorist passed, they perceived something suspicious in his behavior, turned to him and recognized that he had a knife drawn directly at the female soldier.

She said later she fought and pushed the terrorist away with her hand and then with her rifle.

As this went on, the troop commander took a step back and looked for an open angle to fire at the terrorist without hitting his soldier. He finally succeeded in getting off a shot.

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The female soldier is a lone soldier from England, meaning she immigrated to serve in the IDF without her immediate family as support.