IDF evacuates 29 premature babies from Gaza hospital to Egypt

The IDF evacuation of babies, was ‘part of the humanitarian efforts driven by Israel concurrently with the fight against Hamas in Gaza.’

By World Israel News Staff

The IDF oversaw the safe transfer of 29 at-risk premature babies from Shifa Hospital to Egypt on Monday.

Gaza’s largest hospital has become a focal point of IDF operations because of the terrorist infrastructure located underneath the premises, including an armory, and evidence that hostages were kept at the hospital.

Most patients at the hospital had already been evacuated, but the transfer of the premature infants required special skill and care. The IDF provided incubators and other life-saving equipment during the transfer.

Egyptian media confirmed the arrival of 29 premature babies, although it was originally reported that 31 were going to be transferred.

Since the beginning of the war, the IDF has been calling on patients to evacuate the hospital as well as the entire area of northern Gaza into safe areas in the south.

Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories or COGAT, reported on social media, “Over the last day, the IDF led by COGAT helped facilitate the safe evacuation of newborn Gazan babies from the pediatric ward of Shifa Hospital to receive essential medical treatment in Egypt.”

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“The coordination of this vital mission was at the request of Egypt and the director of the Shifa Hospital. The evacuation was carried out by UN teams with the assistance of IDF teams on the ground. Israeli incubators were provided to Shifa hospital for the babies’ rescue effort.”