IDF exposes Hamas puppet-masters in Gaza kite terror operation

The IDF released details of Hamas’ operational protocol for kite and balloon arson attacks, through which terror group operatives have destroyed thousands of acres of Israeli land.

By: World Israel News Staff

On Sunday, the IDF revealed evidence demonstrating that the Hamas terror group organizes and carries out kite-based arson attacks originating in the Gaza Strip, refuting claims that the terror activity represents the spontaneous demonstrations of young Gazans.

Arson terror using kites and balloons has been a common tactic since Hamas began its violent “March of Return” riots at the end of March. The low-tech tactic involves attaching burning receptacles or explosive devices to kites or balloons, which are launched into Israeli territory where they have destroyed thousands of acres of land and caused upwards of 5 million shekels of damage.

This video shows how Hamas terrorists prepare and launch arson and explosive device-laden kites and balloons, targeting Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip.

According to the IDF spokesperson, the arson terror is directed by Hamas commanders, who control the manufacturing and launch of kites and balloons into Israel.

The IDF released the names and photos of four men it accused of leading the arson attacks: Bassem Hatem Abd Hazin, Mutasim Fathi Atia Nabahin, Muhana Ibrahim Abd Hamdan and Amro Hussein Muhammad Abu Deif, reported Times of Israel.

These activities are carried out by other Hamas operatives who also receive the materials to carry out their missions from Hamas.

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Kites are produced in large quantities and are launched, along with balloons, from carefully selected locations in the Gaza Strip to damage the maximum amount of Israeli land.

“We thought that maybe [kites] could carry … a Molotov cocktail, but realized it wasn’t practical,” a 30-year-old Palestinian told the LA Times last week. “Then we got the idea of setting it aflame… by the time we managed to develop the flame and people saw scenes of the burning fields on the other side, the guys got excited.”

The IDF has used a variety of methods to address airborne arson terror, from drone-based surveillance and destruction to targeting the cells that prepare the kites and balloons.

Notwithstanding some progress in staunching the spread of this practice, terrorists in Gaza use the tactic to start new fires daily.