IDF fires on suspects at Gaza border after grenade thrown

The suspects threw a grenade after they were spotted.

By World Israel News Staff

On Thursday, IDF troops identified two suspects who crossed the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

The suspects hurled an inactive grenade which did not explode. IDF troops who arrived at the scene responded with fire and apprehended the suspects.

A knife, cutter and an additional inactive grenade were found in their possession, the IDF said. The suspects will be transferred to the security forces for further questioning. No IDF injuries were reported.

The incident follows a similar one on Sept. 3 when IDF troops thwarted an attempted terror attack by catching the suspect and seizing an explosive device and a knife.

IDF troops spotted the suspect approaching the security fence. Troops were dispatched to the scene, quickly apprehended the suspect and located an explosive device and a knife nearby.

There was no danger to nearby Israeli communities. The suspect was transferred to security forces for further questioning.

Israel bombed numerous terror targets in the Gaza Strip last month after weeks in which the Hamas terror organization launched rockets, explosive and arson balloons at Israeli civilians. In addition, a number of violent riots were instigated along the Gaza Strip security fence.

The IDF struck approximately 100 military targets over 19 nights.

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Among the targets were approximately 35 weapons-manufacturing and armament targets, 30 underground workshops and underground infrastructures, a number of military compounds, approximately 10 aerial platforms belonging to Hamas (drones and anti-aircraft missile equipment), a number of military naval targets and over 20 observation posts.

The strikes constituted a significant blow to Hamas’ terror infrastructure and force generation capabilities.

The IDF says it’s ready to operate as necessary in order to defend Israeli citizens living in the Gaza envelope and in southern Israel.