IDF jets strike Syria in retaliation for attempt to plant bomb on border

IDF jets pounded several military targets in response to terrorists planting a bomb on the Israeli-Syrian border.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

IDF fighter jets, attack helicopters and aircraft struck military targets in southern Syria belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces on Monday night, making good on its promise that it would hold the Syrian government responsible for all terror activities against Israel conducted from Syrian soil.

The targets that were struck included observation posts and intelligence collection systems, anti-aircraft artillery facilities and command and control systems on Syrian Air Force bases, the IDF reports.

The event that sparked the attack took place shortly after midnight on Monday. IDF troops spotted a terror squad placing explosive devices next to the security fence.

“IDF troops and an IDF aircraft fired simultaneously towards the squad of four terrorists, a hit was identified. No IDF injuries were reported,” the Army statement said.

Later on Monday, IDF troops found an innocent-looking, grade-school knapsack at the scene of the attack, only it contained deadly supplies.

The satchel contained a few IEDs ready to deploy against IDF troops. It was found 25 meters from the security fence on the Israeli side of the Alpha Line, Syria and Israel’s de facto border.

The incident comes as tensions remain high on Israel’s northern border after a foiled Hezbollah infiltration attempt on July 27. The terror group vows it still plans revenge for the killing of one of its members in late July.

“Our response is yet to come – the Zionists must only wait for punishment for the crimes,” it said, part of a series of threats it made following the attack.

However, the assessment is that the terror group that planted the bomb was not connected to Hezbollah. There are several terror organizations operating on the Syrian side of the Syria-Lebanon border and this one was likely tied to Iran.