IDF names Hezbollah terrorist behind rocket barrage towards Israel

According to the IDF, the individual was a regular presence at the southern Lebanese border fence during May 2021’s Operation Guardian of the Walls.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

The Israeli Defense Forces revealed the name of the Hezbollah terrorist responsible for firing 19 rockets towards Israeli territory last Friday.

Ali Kajak has been documented near the Israeli-Lebanese border several times in the past in civilian clothing.

Kajak was brutally beaten by scores of Druze Lebanese men after he fired a rocket at Israel from an open area near their village.

In a video that went viral on social media, Ali Kajak is seen being pummeled by Druze residents of Chouya, a small town in southern Lebanon near the border with Israel.

Kajak and a number of other Hezbollah-affiliated terrorists were traveling through the village after launching some 10 rockets at Israel from a nearby valley, Israel Hayom reported.

The pickup truck in which Kajak was traveling, which contained a rocket launcher, was stopped and surrounded by angry villagers.

They are seen pulling Kajak from the vehicle and punching him, while preventing the other terrorists from fleeing the area. Another truck in which Hezbollah terrorist were traveling had its windows smashed in with rocks.

The villagers kept the terrorists at the scene until Lebanese security forces arrived.

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They told local media that they feared that the IDF would return fire and strike their village, due to Hezbollah launching rockets in close proximity.

Kayak, the IDF said, was a regular presence at the southern Lebanese border fence during May 2021’s Operation Guardian of the Walls.

The IDF’s Arabic language spokesman, Avichay Adraee, noted on Twitter that Kayak was spotted “near the Israeli border a short while ago in civilian clothes – as is typical for Hezbollah terrorists, wearing civilian clothes – in order to violate international resolutions that bind the Lebanese state.”

By dressing in civilian clothes, Hezbollah terrorists are able to slip under the radar and carry out operations without being held to account by the Lebanese military or other security forces in the country.

Lebanon is currently in the midst of an intense financial and political crisis.

Since the resignation of the government on the heels of the Beirut port explosion, the country has not had a functioning cabinet for over a year.

Inflation has reached a record high, there are widespread electricity outages, and some analysts say a water shortage may be on the horizon.