IDF neutralizes bomb on Gaza border, prevents attack on soldiers

A bomb planted by terrorists was placed under the cover of the weekly protests on the Gaza-Israel border. 

By: World Israel News Staff

IDF forces on Thursday safety detonated a bomb they had exposed earlier in the week on the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip, preventing a serious attack.

“The terror squad that planted the bomb had plans to attack IDF soldiers and disrupt the activity of the forces operating in the area,” the IDF said in a statement.

According to the IDF, the bomb was placed under the cover of the weekly riots on Friday.

“The placing of the explosive charge by the terrorist cell in the context of the violent disturbances is further evidence that the Hamas terrorist organization is working to preserve the confrontation in the area of the fence and to harm IDF soldiers, while using civilians in the Gaza Strip as human shields and as cover for terrorist activity,” an IDF spokesperson stated.

The IDF is “ready and is acting against terrorism that seeks to harm its forces and defense infrastructure and will act against it as much as necessary,” the spokesman added.

Terror incidents are a daily occurrence on the Israeli border with Gaza.

Israeli military aircraft opened fire on a group of Gazans attempting to launch flammable balloons from northern Gaza into Israeli civilian areas on Friday. Reports from the area indicated that two people were lightly injured.

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JNS contributed to this report.