IDF officer charged with selling arms to criminals

An IDF company commander and his driver are being charged with selling stolen weapons to criminals in Israel.

The officer, Shadi Bashir, 24 from the Druze minority, and his driver Adi Zoabi, 24, both residents of northern Israel, are charged with having broken into an arms bunker in the south, stolen weapons and sold them to crime elements.

The police lifted the gag order on the affair on Tuesday after months of intense investigation conducted in conjunction with the IDF’s military police.

The stolen weapons include over 70 grenades and shoulder-held rockets. The weapons’ value is estimated to be worth tens of thousands of Shekels.

The police say that the officer confessed to his crimes, while the driven has chosen to maintain his silence.

They stressed that the officer was not directly involved in the break-in, but was witness to it.

The two will be indicted on Thursday, together with the driver’s father, 46, who has a criminal record and who was involved in the illegal sales.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News