IDF prepares to demolish home of Ori Ansbacher’s murderer

The family of murderer and rapist Arafat Irfaiya was notified on Wednesday by the IDF that their home will be demolished as part of the terrorist’s punishment for his crimes.

By World Israel News Staff

On Wednesday, the IDF served notice to Arafat Irfaiya’s next of kin that the family home will be demolished in response to the brutal murder and rape of Ori Ansbacher, an Israeli teen whom the terrorist killed in a Jerusalem area forest earlier this year.

According to Israeli authorities, Irfaiya is the indisputable primary suspect based on DNA evidence discovered at the scene of the crime, where he raped and stabbed Ansbacher to death.

Security forces not only recovered Irfaiya’s DNA, they also discovered the murder weapon, a knife and other evidence linking the suspect to the crime, which the Shin Bet identified as “nationalistically motivated,” a legalistic euphemism for terrorism.

Irfaiya both confessed to the murder and reconstructed the crime for authorities, recounting his departure from Hebron with a knife and his surreptitious entry into Jerusalem, which he pulled off by donning a Jewish skullcap that he purchased weeks earlier.

Ansbacher’s naked body was found with stab wounds in the Ein Yael forest.

The IDF, Shin Bet and Yamam counter-terrorism force caught Irfaiya hiding in an abandoned building near Ramallah’s Jamal Abdel-Nasser Mosque.

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Demolition of terrorists’ homes is designed to deter future crimes and represents a practice that predates the establishment of the State of Israel.