IDF sending officials to speak at anti-Israel ‘occupation’ conference

The IDF is planning on sending officials to speak at a conference in which Israel is portrayed as an occupying power.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

The International Red Cross and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel will hold a conference in a few weeks on the topic of Israel’s “occupation” in Judea and Samaria. What is surprising is that senior Israeli Army officials will speak at the conference.

Channel 20’s Hillel Biton Rosen reports on Tuesday that Israel’s Military Advocate General is sending people to address the conference, which is sure to be anti-Israel, despite the high-sounding names of the groups organizing it.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, which receives the majority of its funding from abroad (over 19 million shekels between 2012-2020) “publishes reports and organizes public events alleging ‘violations committed by the Israeli authorities,'” according to NGO Monitor.

It also accuses Israel’s government of “implementing ‘racist’ and ‘discriminatory’ policies of ‘collective punishment’ in ‘violation of international law,'” NGO Monitor says.

Channel 20’s Biton notes it’s “one of the flagship organizations of the New Israel Fund. In the past, the association was called the ‘Association for Hamas Rights’ by the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, after it petitioned the High Court and prevented the deportation of hundreds of terrorists – as a result the deportation was stopped and the damage to the State of Israel was enormous.”

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The Red Cross, an organization well-respected in the West, has unfortunately shown its stripes where Israel is concerned. It has adopted the Palestinian narrative in the Arab-Israel conflict.

So eager is it to find Israeli human rights violations that in December 2020, in a bizarre series of tweets, it noted fictitious human rights violations on an Israeli TV show, the popular Netflix series Fauda.

Ironically, the three violations of humanitarian law the Red Cross called out on Twitter have been committed by the Palestinians many times over in real life.

In spite of this, not only is the IDF sending representatives but Israel’s Justice Department also plans on sending a senior jurist, Biton reports.

Only two years ago, he says, the Association for Civil Rights petitioned against the IDF to prevent them from harming terrorists during the March of Return riots in the Gaza Strip.

“Many bereaved parents who we spoke with today expressed great resentment that the IDF respects the organization that represents terrorists who harmed them,” Biton reports.