IDF soldier hit near Hebron leaves ICU

Ibrahim hopes to return back to the army as soon as possible.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

IDF soldier Shadi Ibrahim, who had his leg amputated two weeks ago after being seriously wounded in a car-ramming attack, has left the ICU at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba.

In a short video clip shared to social media on Saturday, Ibrahim said, “I came out of intensive care; now everything’s fine with me. I’m okay. I love you all – including all those who sent me messages and I wasn’t able to reply.”

Ibrahim also said he wants to return to the army as soon as possible.

Om May 14, the 20-year-old was struck by a terrorist in a car-ramming attack near the Negohot settlement southwest of Hebron.

The assailant drove at a high speed towards a group of IDF soldiers as they were changing guard at a pillbox. After striking Ibraham, the terrorist was quickly neutralized by a nearby soldier. The Druze soldier was immediately evacuated to a nearby hospital and had his leg amputated.

Speaking to Ynet following his nephew’s leg amputation, Assad Ibrahim said the doctors “fought for his life.”

“He is a very loved guy, and he loves to live, he is a guy ready to help everyone. He wanted to be a combat [soldier],” Ibraham’s uncle said.

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“We hope Shadi comes out of it as quickly as possible despite the condition he is in, as long as he stays alive, that’s what matters. We wish all IDF soldiers to return home safely to their parents,” he added.